From 01.12.2018, grotamar® 82 will only be handed over to dealers and service partners and used by them. That's why the grotamar® shop is no longer online. Ask your boat service or contact our service partner.

grotamar® 82

The first biocide with a new protective formula for modern diesel fuels

grotamar® 82 is a versatile additive and can be used in all types of diesel fuel and heating oil, each with bio diesel up to 20% and also in pure mineral oil diesel without bio component. But You can use it also in pure bio diesel, i.e. FAME as B100. grotamar® 82 is especially designed for the new generation of modern diesel fuel and heating oil. It stabilizes the fuel and won’t let microorganism degrade the quality. grotamar® 82 is based on its predecessor grotamar 71®. The new formula provides way more protection for the tank systems and is as efficient against diesel pest.

Product benefits:

  • fast and highly effective against bacteria, yeast and moulds (acc. ASTM E1259-05 test)
  • specifically developed for modern diesel fuel including low sulphur diesel and fuels containing bio diesel
  • new protective formula against premature oil degradation (= anti-ageing)
  • excellent long-term protection for fuel tank, pipes and engine against material deterioration caused by microbes
  • highly soluble in all types of diesel fuels, heating oils (including B0-B20) and bio diesel
  • no corrosive combustion products
  • effectively protects steel, aluminium, copper and other non-ferrous metals against corrosion
  • free of chlorine and bromine compound compounds – fulfils the demands 10th German Federal Pollution Control Ordinance (10. BimSchV)
  • legally registered as a biocide product in the EU

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