grotamar® 82 - Approvals and References:

Vehicles and Engine manufacturers

  • MAN Nutzfahrzeuge- grotamar® 82 is approved. Article-No. ZD 08002-0027
  • MTU-Friedrichshafen GmbH – grotamar® 82 is for all MTU engines and DDC engines serial type 2000/ 4000 released.
  • Deutz AG – Using grotamar® 82 against biological contamination is recommended. Technical Bulletin 0199-99-1218/0 EN


  • Öl-Wärme-Institut (an institute of RWTH Aachen) – grotamar® 82 has been tested successfully in a long-term study of 2000 hours in a heating oil installation
  • SGS Fresenius – grotamar® 82 fulfils all requirements for heating oil additives acc. DGMK 646

Military / NATO

  • Germany - stock-no. 6840-12-388-3545
    - stock-no. 6840-12-388-3543

grotamar® 82 is the first and so far the only biocide on the market, which has been approved for the usage in heating oil systems.

It has been check intensively in a 2000 hours pump test at the Öl-Wärme-Institute in Aachen, Germany. The test was successfully completed without any incidents. No adhesion on the pump or on the injector could be found. grotamar® 82 with its innovative formula protects the parts against premature oil ageing and resulting sticky remains. These sticky remains can harm the pump and the fuel injector and lead in the worst case to a complete system failure. With grotamar® 82 expensive system failures and maintenance can be avoided! This additive is also recommended against microbial contamination in heating oil.