Before buying grotamar® 82

Please pay attention

Plugged filter and visible bio sludge in the tank are often the first signs of a microbial contamination, but these can also be caused by other contamination without the influence of microbes.

If a thick layer of bio sludge is visible in the fuel tank or bio films are sticking to the wall, then it is usually too late to sanitize the tank with a shock treatment. The tank cleaning must be cleaned thoroughly! The persistent bio film need to be removed mechanically to prevent a recontamination. After an in-depth tank and pipeline cleaning the contaminated diesel fuel should be treated with a shock dose of grotamar® 82.

Please bear in mind that after the addition of grotamar® 82 dead microbes can plug the filter and an additional filter change may soon be required. The dead microbes will not be dissolved by grotamar® 82 because it does not contain acid. Acid would attack the material in the tank system.

grotamar® 82 is a chemical product, which is classified as a biocide because it eliminate germs. The following points need to be considered: it is recommended to use protective equipment (gloves, protective eyewear, long-sleeve shirts and pants or coveralls) while handling the biocide or the fuel. Direct skin contact should be avoided. Use only in places with good ventilation. Direct inhalation has to be avoided. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and prodcut information before use. Keep out of reach of children.